Welcome to the Open Doors Day!

Welcome to the Open Doors Day!

May 16, 2014 (Friday) at 16.30 the central sports university in Russia - FSBEI HPO "Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE)" will open its doors to applicants and their parents.

Open Doors Day is aimed not only at the secondary school, college and technical school graduates, but also at those wishing to obtain a second higher education, to study at master's or postgraduate training programs.

Open Day visitors will obtain the information about:

  • directions and profiles of training in secondary and higher vocational education at the University, the prospects of obtaining practical experience during training
  • draft determent
  • tuition and living conditions
  • intense sports and cultural student life
  • prospects of graduates, future employment
  • work of the SCOLIPE Pre-University Training Center  and training courses for passing the Unified State Examination
  • rules of admission and learning environments for master's programs
  • programs of the second higher and additional vocational education
  • budget places with state scholarships and other forms of student financial support
  • paid education and opportunities of payment in installments, as well as how to use parent capital
  • moving from the contractual framework to training on the federal budget basis
  • places for target training of bachelors at the request of public authorities and local governments.

We look forward to see you, your friends and parents on May 16, 2014 at 16.30 at 4, Sirenevyi Boulevard, (metro "Cherkizovskaya"), in the auditorium of the SCOLIPE.

For those who can not attend the Open Doors Day personally will be carried a direct on-line broadcast at official website www.sportedu.ru.

Upon completion the event at the website will be posted video of the Open Day, which will be available at any time.


For details call the admissions committee:

8(925) 750-76-32; 8(925) 750-76-33 or

at the website of the SCOLIPE admission committee

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15/05/2014 01:15

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