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Unity of sport and art - in the student practice

Annually the 4th-year students of the Directing mass sports and artistic representations Department n.a. V.A. Gubanov of the RSUPESY&T pass the unique profile practice. Together with the schoolkids of junior and middle classes, they embody the revolutionary new form of physical education. At the lessons conducted by the trainees, schoolkids combine physical training with the creation of artistic productions.

April 3 held a grand show - the "Miss RSUPESY&T 2014"

Surprises started from the threshold: in front was spread a red carpet, and all felt themselves a Hollywood stars. This created an atmosphere of the entire contest theme - "Cinema". And by tradition the hall was full, people were standing in the aisles.

Badminton training on Tuesdays at the RSUPESY&T

We invite students, undergraduates, graduate students and staff of the RSUPESY&T every Tuesday from 19:00-21:00 th the badminton training..

Real badminton - it's not only an interesting game, but almost universal restorative and healing system.

"Bright month in Sochi" remembers volunteer of XI Paralympic Winter Games Julia Shcherbinina

Candidate in Pedagogics, Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Theory and Methods of Adaptive physical education Department Julia Shcherbinina says:

- Two years ago, as most of volunteers, I submitted an application to participate in the Olympics.

At the Sports SRI of the RSUPESY&T was held a landmark complex examination of the Russian athletics team members

April 3, 2014 at the Sports Research Institute of the RSUPESY&T within the scientific and methodological support of national teams was held a landmark complex examination of the Russian athletics team members, specializing in  middle and long distance race.

During this examination were determined the level of physical performance and physiological indices characterizing efficiency: power, capacity, energy supply effectiveness. The test results showed an individual's level special performance.

Died great scientist Nikolai Volkov

On the 25th of February, 2014 Nikolai Volkov one of the most prominent scientists in the field of sports theory, biochemistry and physiology of exercise, head of the Department of Biochemistry of the Russian State University of Physical Education , Sport, Youth and Tourism, Sc.D., died on his 81st year of life.

Rector of the SCOLIPE A.N. Bleer will participate in the International Forum "EXTREME MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY"

From 10 to 12 September in St. Petersburg will be held the Ist International Forum "EXTREME MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY. RUSSIAN INVESTMENT PROJECTS". In the frames of the Forum will be organized an exhibition, scientific and practical conferences and problem Roundtables.


  • Sports biology and sports medicine of the XXI century.

  • Innovative development of space biology and medicine.

Cycle race "Manor in Kuzminki"


Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism invites all lovers of active and cultural recreation to a fascinating cycle race with the elements of excursion at the natural and historical park "Kuzminki-Lyublino"

Information for the 1st year students

From August 26, 2013, students enrolled to the 1 course of the SCOLIPE, can apply for a permanent pass for access to the University.

To receive the passes you need to come into the room № 245 (next to the turnstiles) from 9.30 to 17.30 from Monday to Friday, lunch from 13.00 to 14.00. Please bring a passport and a receipt that was issued while Admission Committee docs submission.

It's no distance from Bogota to Moscow

On August 16, 2013 Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism hosted visitors from the Republic of Colombia.

Two tens of schoolchildren specializing in various kinds of athletics, being accompanied by the Consul of the Embassy of Colombia in the Russian Federation Marie Lozano, met with the leading sports university in Europe during content excursions.

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