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Within national team RSUPESY&T student won the European championship in kickboxing

Within national team RSUPESY&T student won the European championship in kickboxing

Russian kickboxing team won the European Championship. Student RSUPESY&T Alyona Bashmakova entered the team this year, in the individual competition she won silver. In the social networks Alyona  actively wrote that the team is flying solely for victory.

- I'm in the Russian team, and that gives us confidence.  Europe afraids of us, considers us best. And again we have proved it. Only in full-contact Russia won 10 gold medals.

Championship held in Greece, and lasted for a week. However, athletes had no time to relax: tourist emotions are not the best motivation to fight.

-  Just wanted to sleep once again. Moreover, what Greece? Greece is Greece. Russia is the best.

European Championship - the second international competition of the student, the first time she traveled abroad to the World Cup in July this year, the athlete won bronze within the national team of Moscow. In Greece  the girl had three fights. Alena beat girls from Italy and Hungary, but the final with Norwegians brought a disappointing defeat.

- It was very disappointing. I know I can do better. Probably, it was necessary to be more active. So, we need to exercise more and to work on the bugs.

Alyona has been kickboxing since age of 10. Exercises take most of the time, privacy it almost does not remain. The question "Is it ready to defend your boyfriend?" she responds negatively.

- First of all, I'm a girl, boxer only in the ring. And, of course, I want next to me a real man who could protect me.

Now the athlete is resting after the event, ahead is the championship of Russia.




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