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Student RGUFKSMiT won a bronze medal at the Luge World Cup

Student RGUFKSMiT won a bronze medal at the Luge World Cup

In Latvian Sigulda ended the sixth round of the World Cup in luge,  where the Russians showed the best result in the history of participation in the competition.

The forth-year student of Department of methodology of complex forms of physical culture Victoria Demchenko won a bronze medal in the sprint. She was  overtaken by athlete from Germany Natalie Geisenberger. The race won our compatriot Tatiana Ivanova.

- Our team showed a phenomenal result. We're just happy. This result we owe our favorite athletes, who have worked all summer, and coaches, who are absolutely properly built a training process. This is a real holiday, you can call our team the gold, - commented the president of the Russia Luge Federation Natalia Gart.

In turn, the head coach of Russian national luge team, three-time silver medalist Albert Demchenko stressed that his charges "will not have any dizziness from success." "On the contrary, we'll get even more charged to victory in the World Cup, with more confidence in our abilities," - he said.

Our athletes won four gold, two silver and two bronze medals, placing first in the team standings. Germans became the second (3-3-1), third - the Latvians (0-2-1).  Athletes are going to the World Luge Championship, which will take place on 27-29 January in Innsbruck, Austria.

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