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RSUPESY&T student won the Russian swimming championship with a record of the country

RSUPESY&T student won the Russian swimming championship with a record of the country

In Moscow the Russian swimming championship passes now. About 590 best Russian athletes representing 59 country regions will compete for the champion's title, as well as for the right to perform at the World aquatics championship in Budapest, the XXIX World Summer Universiade in Taipei and the European swimming championship among juniors in Netanya.

On the first day of competition Moscow team became the champion in the 4x100 meter crawl relay. Fourth year student of the Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism Mikhail Dovgalyuk, the graduate Mikhail Polishchuk, and also Vladimir Morozov and Kliment Kolesnikov,  became champions of Russia among men, showing time 3:16.36. In the women's swimming relay the champions became third year student of the RSUPESY&T Valeria Kolotushkina, as well as Katarina Milutinovich, Ksenia Yus'kova and Polina Osipenko with a score 3:43.79.

Bronze at the distance of 50 m butterfly was taken by the fourth-year student of the RSUPESY&T Andrey Zhilkin. Andrey swam the distance in 23.58 seconds.

The second competitive day brought medals to third year students of the RSUFKSMiT. Svetlana Chimrova became the champion at 200 m butterfly distance. Nikolay Snegirev took silver in the mixed crowl relay 4x100m. Together with Nikolay on the second step of the pedestal came up Vladislav Rinev, Katarina Milutinovich and Polina Osipenko. The result of representatives of the Moscow team - 3:31.98.

On the third day in the combined relay race 4x100 m among women, a graduate of the RSUPESY&T Alexandra Papusha, as well as Nika Godun, Anna Mikhailova, Katarina Milutinovich took the second place with a result 4:10.50. In the male cross relay 4x200 m silver was taken by students of the University Mikhail Dovgalyuk, Nikolai Snegirev, as well as graduates Mikhail Polishchuk and Artem Lobuzov with a result 7:19.80.

The fourth day of the championship brought to Svetlana Chimrova, a third year student of the RSUPESY&T, 100m butterfly record. The girl overcame the distance in 57.17 seconds and was selected for the July World aquatics championship in Budapest, updating the national record established herself earlier in the qualification.

- Yes, I thought and was sure I can improve the previous result, we went to this, worked. I hope it will only get better. I want to show other seconds at the World Cup. We will work harder to do this, more diligently, to improve our results. Of course, the competition is growing, every year it is higher and higher. Young people are already stepping on my heels, and I'm very happy about that. The more competition we have, the higher the results. I hope that we will rise to a completely different level, - shared Svetlana to the All-Russian Swimming Federation.

In the mixed combined relay race 4x100 m silver was taken by the third year of the RSUPESY&T Valeriy Kolotushkin, dividing the pedestal with Kliment Kolesnikov, Anton Chupkov and Ksenia Yus'kova.

The Russian Swimming Championship will end on April 14.

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