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RSUPESY&T sports results of the week: World Cup bronze and 15 medals in the MSSG program

RSUPESY&T sports results of the week:  World Cup bronze and 15 medals in the MSSG program

This week's awards the sportsmen of the Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports, Youth and Tourism won in China and Russia. Students, undergraduates and graduates of RSUPESY&T became one of the best in dance sport, shooting from air rifle, rhythmic gymnastics, judo and synchronized swimming. This week in the medals bank of RSUPESY&T athletes have added 19 awards of various merits.

In  Krasnogorsk dance sport international competition were held. The key event became the World Cup in the sports discipline "double-event". For the title of winners the strongest dance duets from 19 countries of the world competed. As a result of the competition, Russian athletes were among the top three winners, having won bronze medals. The award went to Maria Potemkina, RSUPESY&T graduate, paired with Alexei Polovnikov. The first place was taken by the Cypriots, and the second place - a couple from Slovenia. Experts from 12 countries evaluated the skills of athletes.

At the Russian Cup of pneumatic weapons shooting in mixed pairs, won the second-year student of the Department of Theory and Methods of Applied Sports and Extreme Activities of RSUPESY&T Valeria Tatarintseva in a pair with Vladislav Fetisov. In the qualification, the capital's shooters showed the result of 515.9 points and passed into the second semi-final, in which earned 247.4 points  and became participants in the gold medal match. Their rivals in the struggle for the highest award were athletes from the Arkhangelsk region. In the final Muscovites won 5:2. Bronze went to a couple from the Udmurt Republic.

RSUPESY&T sportswomen became silver prizewinners in rhythmic gymnastics competitions in the program of Jubilee XXX Moscow Student Sports Games (MSSG). The team of the University consisted of masters of sports of Russia, first-year students Ekaterina Kholodova, Yuliya Klementyeva, Anastasia Badaeva, Maginur Gilmutdinova, Sofya Pavlikhina and second-year student Sofia Ostrovskaya under direction of coach Elena Beklemisheva, chair of the Theory and methodology of gymnastics Department RSUPESY&T. Gymnasts scored 159.75, losing to the team of the Russian University of Transportation (165.65) and bypassing Moscow State University (146.80). In total, athletes from 21 universities participated in the competitions.

This week in RSUPESY&T held judo competitions within the program of Jubilee XXX Moscow student sports games. Judoists of the leading sports university won 15 medals: seven gold, five silver, three bronze. The absolute winners became   students Mikhail Aldyn-Ool in the 60 kg weight category, Roman Dyachenko in the 73 kg weight category, Rasim Dasayev in the 90 kg category, Alexander Tsitsilashvili in the 100 kg category, Nadezhda Tsuvareva in the 57 kg weight category, Alena Burlachenko in the weight category 70 kg, Alina Lyanka in the weight category 78 kg.

On the second step of the pedestal rose students David Surguladze in the weight category 73 kg, Alexei Kurnachenkov in the weight category of 90 kg, Mikhail Udovidchenko in the weight category 100 kg, Anastasia Kuznetsova in the weight category 52 kg, Valeria Lomakina in the weight category 63 kg. Bronze winners became students Irina Bikbaeva in the weight category 57 kg, Anna Varicheva in the 63 kg weight category, Alina Fedoseyeva in the 63 kg weight category. 212 athletes from 22 universities participated in the competition.

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