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"Patriot" fighters on the podium of the Moscow championship in pankration

 "Patriot" fighters on the podium of  the Moscow championship in pankration

From February 28 to March 1, 2015 at Sireneviy boulevard, at the Russian State University of Physical Education, Sports, Youth and Tourism held the championship of Moscow in pankration full-contact and semi-contact. The competition was attended by athletes from fight club "Patriot" of the Academy of sports and applied martial arts.

On the first day competed young men and juniors. Totally was announced about 70 fighters. Despite their young age, the boys showed incredible will to win, and sometimes allotted for the fight time was not enough to determine the winner. Then, according to the rules, athletes were given an additional minute, where experience and skill played a significant role.

The following athletes brought our fight club "Patriot" on pedestal of the Moscow Championship in pankration in "full-contact":

Sanan Soltanov ( 58 kg) — 1st place;

Ruslan Abdurakhmanov (50 kg) — 2nd place;

Ramazan Ramazanov (62 kg), Arthur Kononov (66 kg) —3rd place.

On the second day of competition men competed for the title of the strongest. The main rivalry was between FC "Patriot" and FC "Berkut". Our guys fought bravely until the last second, but, unfortunately, in some fights gave way to their rivals.

On pedestal of the Moscow championship in the "full-contact" our club was presented by:

Salambek Ilyasov (62 kg), Sergey Bilostenniy (over 100 kg) — 1st place;

Badmatsyren Dorzhiev (58 kg), Nikita Merkulov (66 kg), Vadim Sandulskiy (77 kg), Grigoriy Schetinin (92 kg) — 2nd place;

Vladimir Skatchkov (62 kg), Rinat Sirazetdinov (66 kg), Stanislav Prokhorets (77 kg) — 3rd place.

In the "semi-contact" of the championship the podium took the following "Patriot" fighters:

Salambek Ilyasov (62 kg), Rinat Sirazetdinov (66 kg), Badmatsyren Dorzhiev (58 kg), Sergey Eksarov (over 100 kg) — 1st place;

Vladimir Skatchkov (62 kg), Sergey Basov (77 kg) — 2nd place;

Sergey Odzhiev (77 kg), Andrey Os'kin (84 kg) — 3rd place.


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