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Martial artist and movie star Steven Seagal's workout in SCOLIPE

Martial artist and movie star Steven Seagal's workout in SCOLIPE

September 22, 2015 Steven Seagal - Master of Aikido (winner of the 7th Dan), a successful American actor, director - took part in the aikido training with members of the Russian national aikido team, leading trainers, teachers and instructors of the National Aikido Council of Russia.

Training was held in the hall of martial arts of Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE).

RSUPESY&T is the basis for preparation of coaches and athletes in aikido, and this determined the choice of the training ground.

Before the workout representatives of the University organized a tour for the eminent martial artsist with a visit to the University museum and sports halls, acquainted with the history of the University. Steven Seagal made a record in the RSUPESY&T honorable guests book.

In the martial arts hall the world-recognized master showed special aikido techniques, how to apply them in a real situation. Leading Russian aikido coaches and athletes, among those are graduates of the RSUPESY&T (SCOLIPE), assisted to Steven Seagal.

After training was held an improvised press conference with the university management, the National Council of Aikido Russia coaching staff, the media.

Steven Seagal sincerely responded to questions about the training session, praised the skill of the fighters and their potential in sports, noted that athletes listened carefully to all the advices and recommendations of the master, he expressed his desire to visit the university again.

A joyous final of this outstanding event became a photo - and autograph session with the super star.


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