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Master-class "Kinesio Taping"

Master-class "Kinesio Taping"

 Master-class lead - Dmitry Gorkovsky - head of the department of physical rehabilitation FLRNTS "Russian field", FBSI "FSCC of pediatric hematology, oncology and immunology n.a. D. Rogachev" of the Ministry of Health, sports medicine and rehabilitation physician.

Certified Instructor of the International Kinesio Taping Association and constant participant of annual international symposia on kinesio taping.


1. What is a kinesio taping.

2. Method history.

3. Physiological systems affected by kinesio tape.

4. Contraindications for kinesio tape.

5. Kinesio taping of foot sole pain.

6. Kinesio taping of swelling and pain at the area of the Achilles tendon.

7. Relaxation techniques of overloaded muscles (calf, hamstring).

8. Application techniques of shoulder pain .

9. Application techniques of back pain.

10. Application techniques of knee-joint pain.

11. Skin care while using kinesio tape.

12. Safety measures.

Registration: tel. (499) 166-57-28, (499) 166-57-27 or e-mail: ipkippk@mail.ru

Admission free!

Date and time: 03 June 2015 at 16:30.

Address  IPK&PPK FSBEI HPE "RSUPESY&T", 4, Sireneviy blvrd, Moscow



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